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Because it’s 2015

It’s become irritating to ponder whether India is tolerant or not. Shut the fuck up


From left: TPG Growth’s Vish Narain, Penguin India’s Chiki Sarkar, Star Plus’ Gaurav Banerjee, Amarchand Mangaldas’ Gunjan Shah and Bestseller India’s Vineet Gautam. Image via Business Today

Over the last few days, I have been constantly hearing and reading about the increasing intolerance in the country especially on subjects like Hindu vs Muslim, BJP vs Congress, Beef vs Non-Beef, blah blah and more blah. Then came in SRK and HafeezSaeed and then other mainstream Muslim actors being questioned on what SRK said about increasing intolerance. Now, there’s Anupam Kher leading a march for India claiming India is tolerant.

No doubt, these conversations have become a part of drawing rooms in the last one year. In fact, from drawing rooms, they have travelled to WhatsApp groups, Facebook statuses and Instagram images. I wonder Why? And I really want to ask this to the ones who claim to be sane and responsible citizens of this country. Why can’t one see that issues are just being planted and one is going crazy over it left, right and center?

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Let me address the elephant in the room. BJP might have an awesome leader in Narendra Modi but what are his subjects doing to the country? Frankly, I am a hardcore fan of the prime minister and I respect him for his hard work. The result of his actions may be delayed but the efforts will nevertheless pay.

Having said that I would like to remind PM that your leaders have lost it totally and are facing ‘foot in the mouth’ crisis almost every week. They just don’t know what they are saying. People like Meenakshi Lekhi, Kailash Vijayvargiya, Aditya Yoginath and Sadhvi Prachi, who are they and what do they bring to the table? Any achievements except being jackasses? They are a bunch of morons with no respect for humanity and tolerance.

Dear PM, I appreciate your efforts of making India digital and roaming around the world to ensure India is discussed and given due credit at every forum, but with such frivolous people in your party, how would achieve success with your global counterparts? On what basis we deserve permanent seat at the UN and be called a superpower? Progressive leaders take suo moto actions on any activity that could further disturb the core values of their nations. See how leaders are functioning in Canada and Australia!  Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has set benchmark on the first of his regime by endorsing the most diverse cabinet and gender equality.

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Anyway, I would leave it to you and even more to the so-called intelligentsia of our country who are involving themselves aggressively in tolerance debate. But let me tell all of you that it has become increasingly annoying. Young people like me have no interest in mirky politics that we are witnessing right now. Nor in the agendas put forward by the so-called intellectuals over intolerance. We know that India is tolerant because of people like me and our population is far bigger than intolerant ones or the so-called intellects who are seeking attention over the matter.

I am a young blood of this society with friends and peers from every religion and community. I eat with them, talk to them and they are a part of my life. Yes, I am a hardcore non-vegetarian and I eat beef, chicken, mutton and what not. I don’t really recall when was the last time God punished me for eating beef. I am doing completely fine for myself and so is everyone else who are concerned about the fact that if this stupidity continues to grow and if sentiments are being tossed around, we will end up creating a lot of disharmony within the society which will impact our relationships with our dearest of friends, colleagues and peers. Is this the growth plan you are formulating for this noble country?

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I don’t want a Hindu Rashtra because it is a myth. I would shamelessly say that even if we assume that we are a Hindu Rashtra, things will be worse as we are the most convoluted ones in this society forcing 70 million gods on each other along with obsolete traditions and values which have no science behind them. I would say that Muslims in India do take pride in being Indians and they are far better than us, Hindus. It’s due to the indifference in the society which has forced a few to go distasteful as no one would want to perish. It’s about their existence in the country, and they are doing no wrong by safeguarding it.

Our PM needs to strike down at his party’s bimbos right now. You should rise above the blame game and show some real management skills to prove your worth. Otherwise, soon there will be a day when you along with your men and other intellects will be abused publicly and put to shame to an extent where you would not be able to take it. I would like to end it here, but please do note that while you are trying to Make In India, your people are instead breaking it.

PS: India had Chanakya and politics died with him. Only manipulators followed.

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