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Boys roughed up at 3 Pegs Down, restaurant calls them ‘brats’

Rakshay Kapoor’s note on Facebook against 3 Pegs Down has gone viral. In return, the restaurant owners have lodged an FIR claiming the ‘brats’ misbehaved and abused the staff. Will the restaurant release CCTV footage?
By Karan Bhardwaj

3 pegs down

This picture has been posted by Rakshay Kapoor on Facebook

In what could be termed as yet another brawl going viral on Facebook, Delhi-based boy Rakshay Kapoor has claimed that he and his friends were roughed up by bouncers at restaurant 3 Pegs Down, Saket. He also shared some images of injuries suffered by him. In his note which is being widely circulated, Kapoor has stated that his group was sitting at the restaurant on the night of April 29 post 1 am when bouncers beat them up before kicking them out. His 18-year-old brother got his eardrum cracked which will take ‘two months to recover’.

Acknowledging the incident, the official Facebook page of 3 Pegs Down has narrated their version of the incident. The restaurant officials claim that the boys misbehaved and refused to move out despite repeated requests by the staff. The restaurant officially stops operations at 1 am but the boys stayed back for almost another hour. Calling them ‘brats’, the note reads, “The server politely refused to serve the drinks as the bar was closed. But, Rakshay being a brat, threated the server by saying, “Bahenc**d, jo keh raha hoon who kar.”

Born of Web has also learnt that the owners of the restaurant has lodged an FIR against the boys.

We are reproducing the notes below from both the sides as they have been published on Facebook:


On the Night of 29th April I took my friends and younger brother to 3 Pegs Down in Saket for my birthday celebration. We enjoyed had drinks and danced. After everyone left around 1:15, I settled the bill and sat down with my brother and friend to eat the food on the table. The management refused to get anything else as the kitchen was closed. We sat there eating the food which was already on the table and then lights went off. I called the manager and told him just turn it on for 5 minutes let us eat and leave. He said I can’t turn on the lights you need to turn on you phone:s torch and eat. We sat and ate. I got up and went to the manager to tell him what is this nonsense you really should the the ettiquetes not to do things like these to your customers. Suddenly the bouncer comes and catches me by my collar. He slaps me and drags me out of the restaurant, hits me and throws me out. Then he slapped my 18 year old bother his spectacles and phone fell and threw him out too. My friend with me also got slapped hard and thrown out. We kept knocking on the door to return the phone and specs. After 5 minutes the bouncer comes back and throws out stuff outside.

Now this was a very shocking end to my birthday. I still don’t know what we did wrong to deserve this kind on treatment. It is really shamefull on the restaurants part to keep such rowdy staff. Until we paid the bill it was fine after paying it they literally threw us out. The main aim of writing this post is to tell you that my brother has a cracked ear drum and will take 2 months to recover. We should all blacklist this place and I plan to take action against them. It seems it’s not safe to throw a party now days as well



With great power, comes great responsibility.

If you have the power of internet, then it is your responsibility not to misuse it. A news is going viral on Facebook about our cafe 3 Pegs Down at Saket. A young guy, Rakshay Kapoor has shared some pictures of bruises on his neck, wrist etc. with a detailed write up of what happened with him and his friends / brothers. He has stated various things such as lights being switched off at 1:15 am, him being beaten up by the bouncers etc, then throwing some self pity of “What did we do to get this treatment?”. All the words in that write up have made the cafe into a villain and Rakshay Kapoor, a victim. His friends and family have shared the said post and have made it viral. People have even commented on the said post stating that a police complaint should be filed, the lounge should be sued, some people even want to beat the shit out of the restaurant (Don’t know how?).

But, but, but, it is important to know the other side of the story of the whole incident. Rakshay Kapoor, the victim is nothing but a well built brat who threatened the manager, Mr. Chandan a number of times. The below mentioned truth is clearly evident from the CCTV footage of the whole incident, which will be released soon by us. The operational hours of 3 Pegs Down are from 12 noon to 1 am. The supposed victim, Rakshay Kapoor was there till 1:52 am. Like everyone else, Rakshay and his friends / brothers were having a good time till 12:45. It was beyond the operational time, when he asked for more drinks and told the server to re-heat the food which was already kept on their table. The server politely refused to serve the drinks as the bar was closed. But, Rakshay being a brat, threated the server by saying, “Bahenc**d, jo keh raha hoon who kar.”

The assistant manager, Mr. Jogesh intervened and tried to pacify the situation, which is again evident from the video. Being in the hospitality business, the staff of 3 Pegs Down, kept serving them as per their demand. Rakshay & his friends / brothers kept drinking and didn’t touch the food which was kept on their table. There were no other guests in the restaurant as it was 1:30 am. Again, Rakshay & his friends / brother had some problem with the staff. That’s when one of the owners of the place went to him and tried to pacify him. He also requested them to have food and drive home safely as they were really drunk. He even offered to call a cab for them.

As per the guidelines by the authorities, the staff had to shut down the lights as it was way beyond the operational time. That’s when Rakshay’s ego got hurt and he threatened the staff and abused them. The General Manager, Mr. Chandan tried to explain to the guests that it was way beyond the operational time and he kept requesting them to leave the premises. Out of the blue, the brat, Rakshay started abusing the manager. Then the bouncer had to intervene. He requested them to leave the premises but Rakshay or his friends / brothers pushed the bouncer 2-3 times saying, “Kya ukhaad lega bahenc**d?” The bouncer was constrained to take them away from the table only with the intention of putting across a message that they need to leave. But, this did not stop them, they abused the staff again. One of them assaulted the bouncer again, that’s when the bouncer was constrained to push them out of the premises.

This is the truth which should have been put online instead of the mythical literature. 3 Pegs Down is being run by a team of highly professional people who believe that the guests are their prime concern.

Each story has 2 sides, I request everyone to always listen to both the sides and then decide, not only for this incident but all incidents of such nature. The team behind a restaurant puts in a lot of effort to please its guests, one must respect it instead of defaming them by posting a false story.

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