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(DCLF 2017) Chetan Bhagat is a wasted opportunity: Durjoy Datta

Author Durjoy Datta reveals his ‘only grudge’ against Chetan Bhagat at the DCLF 2017. By Karan Bhardwaj

Durjoy Datta

Durjoy Datta & Sumrit Shahi at the DCLF 2017/SHAZID CHAUHAN

The concluding talk at the Dehradun Community Literature Festival 2017 drew cheers from teenagers as young writers Durjoy Datta and Sumrit Shahi shared the stage to discuss The Girl of My Dreams. Both the writers won the audience’s heart by their honest and candid remarks. They shared how difficult it was for them to become an author, and also urged people to pick up more and more books and enhance the culture of reading among masses.

During the session, Durjoy Datta said popular authors like Chetan Bhagat should inspire their followers to read books written by other authors as well. “Chetan Bhagat is a wasted opportunity in that sense. That’s the only grudge I have against him. He enjoys massive fan following in the world of Internet. He should ask his followers to pick up books by other authors as well. He does talk about a lot of contemporary issues but we hardly seem him talking about other authors. Had I got the kind of following he has online, I would have urged my followers to also read other authors once they are done with my books,” Datta said unapologetically.


He also revealed that a couple of producers had approached him for converting his novels into movie scripts but he was not ready to compromise on characters. “They told me the book is fabulous but no actor would be willing to take it up as the protagonist is overweight in the first half of the book. So he has to have six-pack abs since the beginning. I couldn’t buy such arguments,” he said.

Durjoy Datta

Durjoy Datta with wife Avantika Mohan/SHAZID CHAUHAN

The DCLF 2017, organised by WIC India, was a four-day literary gala that took place in Dehradun. A lot of eminent writers were seen hanging out at the serene venue after their sessions till late night.

( is the online partner of WIC Dehradun Community Literature Festival 2017. Check out this section for all updates, news and interviews from DCLF 2017) 

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