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Dear Rishi Kapoor, you keep ‘muft ki daru’, and let us perform our duty

If ‘showman’ Raj Kapoor had been alive, this was the last thing he would have expected to happen on his birthday. But thanks to his foul-mouthed son Rishi Kapoor, the starry night in Delhi organised by publisher HarperCollins to launch and celebrate the latest book on Raj Kapoor ended with insulting jibes at media.

Rishi Kapoor

Rishi Kapoor/Image

According to a news report going viral on the Internet, Rishi Kapoor apparently wanted media to be kicked out of the event. He even insulted a group of scribes saying they were there to have ‘muft ki daru‘. As per an ordeal narrated by the IANS reporter in his report, Rishi Kapoor confronted him and a couple of other journalists outside the rest room. “Aap log kaun hain,” he asked reporters, for reasons best known to him. “On credentials being presented, he walked off, muttering “muft ki daru…”. His personal security arrived and asked the three journalists to accompany them out of the hall and to the lobby area of the hotel. They said: “Mr Kapoor doesn’t want you guys here, please leave,”” the reporter has been quoted as saying in the report. The publisher’s representative, who had invited the journalists, tried to calm down the situation but the reporters decided to leave the venue.

Interestingly, Mr Rishi Kapoor posted an image on Instagram from the event with caption: “Thank you Delhi for your love and respect for Raj Kapoor”. We all are smiling.

Dear Rishi Kapoor
We all very well know the spirit of dynasty in this country. Your nasty and rude behaviour in public doesn’t shock us anymore. You are a brat who has refused to age gracefully, unlike your father and elder brothers. But all I have to convey to you is that we, the entertainment scribe, do not run after ‘muft ki daru’. Maybe, you have come across some individuals in media or otherwise that inspired this pathetic mindset of yours. And that’s a truth about every industry, leave media alone.
Yes, we do run after celebrities at times, because we take our jobs seriously. It is the business of entertainment, based on give & take policy. Who knows it better than the century old Kapoor Khandan? Don’t you guys measure our office when a film is released?
But what you did at the book launch of your late father was not just violation of dignity of hard working individuals but also a grave insult to the soul of Raj Kapoor. He might not have been impressed today!

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