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Every bit royal: Royal Fables Season 8

Traditional weaves, artifacts and handicrafts from royal palaces all over the country seek their way to resurgence through Royal Fables.

Pure silver bordered saris, finest quality zari embroidery, kundan jewellery inspired by mughals, and ghagris with motifs of chikankari are just a few of the delicately crafted pieces that one will get to see in the upcoming Royal Fables exhibition. The luxurious compilation that has now been happening for seven years consecutively is all geared up to witness another gala of Indian heritage and culture. In a preview gathering of the forthcoming event, we got some exclusive insights about what the royals are upto.

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Kamini Singh and her daughter Chandni Singh from estate Seohara in UP are working towards sustaining organic weaves. “We’re trying to keep away from chemicals that have come in. It’s the way of doing all the karigari and the local artwork that is disappearing and losing its essence. So we are just making sure that the tradition lives. Mom has been working for more than 20 years now and I have also joined in. We’ve been with Royal Fables since season 1 and it’s a great venture to be a part of,” says Chandni with much enthusiasm. In keeping the royal heritage alive, the mother-daughter duo is also working at the grassroot level by employing rural women to work on the looms. Here, they also have a message.

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Amongst the distinguished royal women present at the event were Baisa Pushpita Singh, Kanwarani Ritu Sinh Ji, Rajkumari Gitanjali Shah of Tehri Garhwal, Princess Nandini Singh of Jhabua, Rajkumari Alkarani Singh of Pratapgarh, Bharti Singh. “Shakti represents the many roles that a woman plays with ease, strength and panache. This is a tribute to all the women and the many facets of their lives” says artist Bharti Singh referring to a piece that’ll be put up on exhibit this time.

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Anshu Khanna has been setting trends with this forum of hers by showcasing a rich repertoire of art, craft and fashion created by the royals at the two day exposition. A series of parallel events also celebrate royal cuisine, costumes and music. Here’s how she goes about what she believes in:-

Well, there’s quite a lot to look forward to. Don’t you think?

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