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DJ Protoculture: ‘I get a bit nervous before performance even after 15 years of doing it’

South African superstar DJ Nate Raubenheimer aka Protoculture shares some lesser-known facets of his life in a vlog with our blogger-in-chief Karan Bhardwaj 

DJ Protoculture was one of the head-turners at the just-concluded VH1 Supersonic, Pune. The star artist from South Africa spoke to us minutes before his performance at the venue, Laxmi Lawns. As candid as it could get, he spoke about thoughts on India, his best gig and how he handles performance pressure.  “I just get quiet before performance, just think what I am gonna do. I get a bit nervous even after 15 years of doing it.” He also made candid confessions on his love life! Check out the vlog below:

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