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Exclusive Vlog: Ritu Beri & Meenakashi Lekhi on what makes khadi the best of all fabrics

India’s celebrated designer Ritu Beri launched her khadi collection in Delhi. Karan Bhardwaj spoke to the designer and her politician guest Meenakashi Lekhi on what makes khadi the most relevant fabric of all time

Life has come sort of full circle for designer Ritu Beri. She started her career as a fashion designer with a khadi collection. She would put her creations on racks and in less than 24 hours, the collection would be sold out completely. Twenty five years later, the designer, who brought many laurels to the country from the world of fashion, yet again took to khadi and attempted to give it a global feel. She called the fabric an ‘air-conditioned’ cloth. More in the video above!

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