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‘I was insulted, embarrassed and manhandled in Delhi’: Tinaa Dattaa

Rejecting charges of ‘dupery’, TV actor Tinaa Dattaa said she was humiliated and manhandled at a Delhi exhibition. By Karan Bhardwaj

Tinaa Dattaa

Tinaa Dattaa/Source

Television actor Tinaa Dattaa, better known as ‘Ichha’ from the daily soap Uttaran, has refuted charges of ‘dupery’ levelled against her by the organisers of The Fairytale’ss, a fashion exposition held recently in Delhi. The actor exclusively told Born of Web that she was insulted and threatened at the event ‘despite being courteous enough to attend the show, without receiving ‘promised remuneration”.

Nikita Khattar Arya, the organiser of the exhibition, had earlier accused Tinaa of being ‘unprofessional and uncooperative’ as the latter failed to arrive on time, which eventually disappointed a lot of visitors, socialites and media. Nikita also asserted that her team was intimidated by Tinaa’s managers who didn’t keep their word on several accounts. Read the full report here.

According to the actor, she was conned by the organisers and the agent (Prashant) involved while fixing the deal. She said she honoured her commitment even though the entire deal had been ‘unprofessional and inconvenient’. “I am appalled by the accusation levied against me as it is the organiser who’s at fault for mismanaging the entire event. The agent (Prashant) who contacted us initially for this event told us that the exhibition had been cancelled, a day before it took place. However, he contacted us again later in the night saying that the organisers have now cleared the payment, so I should come for the event. As I was already aware of the amount of the publicity done by the organisers, I agreed to come to Delhi. After much pursual, we were sent the flight details in the morning around 10 o’clock. I took the scheduled flight at 2 pm and didn’t waste any time to arrive as soon as possible. I stayed at the exhibition for over an hour, personally visited each stall and met all the guests present over there,” she told us over the phone.

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Tinaa said she has always been professional in her outings and never faced such bad experience before. “I was in Delhi during Navratras and made four appearances at different events. Had I been unprofessional, all those people who had invited me would have given similar feedback. The fact of the matter is, that, I was humiliated and embarrassed at this particular exhibition (The Fairytale’ss),” she said.

The actor claimed to have been manhandled at the show. “I was shocked that there were no security arrangements in place. A lot of people pinched me and my manager got injured while protecting me from a man who was consistently misbehaving with me. I kept silent because I didn’t want to get into all this. I could have lodged a police complaint right away but I didn’t want to harm anybody’s reputation,” she said.

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Contrary to the claims made by the organisers of making full payment before the actor took her flight to Delhi, Tinaa said she has not received the entire ‘promised amount’ till today. “The agent transferred some amount a night before the event. I have just got 70 per cent of the amount till date,” she claimed.

In a report published by Born of Web earlier, the organisers slammed the actor for not wearing the pre-decided outfit. However, Tinaa said she was not given complete look and that the accessories didn’t match the garment. “I hope you know I have to take care of my appearance in public as I do not wish to become a laughing stock for fashion police,” she said.

Tinaa’s manager Aaryan claimed that the organisers didn’t even pay the bill for the actor’s accommodation and they were not allowed to leave the venue. “They held our luggage and asked us to clear accommodation bills. It was shocking. Fortunately, I had one of my former clients present at the event who helped us move out of the hotel. We had to book our own cab to head back to the airport,” he said.

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