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I work out of pleasure, not greed: Ragini Khanna

Ragini Khanna tells Karan Bhardwaj she chooses work that gives her creative satisfaction

Ragini Khanna

Ragini Khanna in Gurgaon movie

It’s pure fun to chat with undiplomatic actors. They keep the conversation as real as possible. Ragini Khanna is one such actress who would always respond honestly irrespective of her stardom. I spoke with her a few days before the release of her latest flick Gurgaon. Ragini must be happy as the film is drawing rave reviews from the audiences and critics alike. For her fans, Gurgaon stands special as the movie got the actress back to the screen after a long time. Ask Ragini what kept her away from work, she immediately points out the lack of ‘exciting’ opportunities. After the thumping success of her last TV show Sasuraal Genda Phool, all of us had expected her to pick up another primetime show. But that didn’t happen. “I got 20 such scripts where I was asked to play the clone of Suhana (lead character in Sasuraal Genda Phool). How can I repeat the same thing? So I chose to stay back unless something good would come up. When I got the script of Gurgaon, I was very keen to do it. I auditioned for it and bagged the role successfully,” she says.

Ragini refuses to succumb to any peer pressure or possibilities of getting typecast. “People warned me against Gurgaon as it is a dark film. And I had done such a bubbly character in my tv show. But as an actor, isn’t it amazing to make the audience believe in a certain character, and then destroy it beautifully with the next one? If we can’t do that, then what’s the fun of doing acting?” she says.

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Technically, Gurgaon is Ragini’s debut on the silver screen even though she was spotted in a couple of movies earlier. The actress has no qualms about choosing different kinds of media. “I am comfortable about doing television, commercials or films. Medium of communication was never my criteria,” she says.

Not many people know about Ragini Khanna’s musical background though she is fairly acknowledged as actor Govinda’s niece. Ragini’s mother (Kamini) and grandmother (Nirmala Devi) have been well-known classical vocalists. “I am also trained in music. I sing regularly. I opted to act in films for the love of acting, and not to just work like a machine,” she says.

Keep up the good work, Ragini!

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