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Imagining a handmade world with Adarsh Mishra

ADARSH MISHRA, an entrepreneur for the last two decades, followed his passion with an unflinching determination. He takes SHARMI ADHIKARY into his ‘Handmade World’ that excels in beautifying outdoor spaces

When Oprah Winfrey said, “Passion; it will lead you to your purpose,” she must have had a captive audience in Adarsh Mishra. For this entrepreneur is an ideal instance of when a person has the passion, faith and will to work hard, he is capable of doing anything he wants in his life. Risks and adventures aside, Adarsh through his unique concept of ‘Handmade’ furniture for outdoor living, has proved that nothing comes close to following one’s passion. In that, he is an entrepreneur who leads by example.

Handmade World was created in 2009 with a vision to craft beautiful outdoor living spaces. It’s not just about selling furniture. “The collection was made to give an option to the client of having a beautiful space outside his home where he could sit, enjoy nature and relax during his ‘me time’. That way our products are targeted at beautifying the outdoors to enhance the lifestyle of a client,” says Mishra sitting on the beautifully done-up terrace of his studio in Delhi.

To help and guide one through all the outdoor living options, the company has roped in an experienced band of outdoor lovers as interior designers with an experience in designing the look of balconies, gardens, terraces, lobbies, backyards and patios. While the products are all handmade by Mishra’s team, he imports the raw materials from Germany and Indonesia. The most popular products that move fast are chaise lounges, bars, accessories, coffee sets, dining furniture, pool beds and sofa sets. The colours are kept earthy and basic to go with the natural theme.

Born in Gopiganj and brought up in Delhi, Mishra stepped into the competitive yet exciting world of entrepreneurship two decades back when he got into the export trade of handmade carpets and soft furnishings. He continued the business of importing wonderful handmade carpets in Sydney, Australia, where he was staying for three years. After that, he returned to India and on an impulse set up a fashion portal on the insistence of his previous partners. “But, I soon realised that I did not have a knack for fashion. Unless I enjoyed it completely, I did not really feel like getting into the operations wholeheartedly. I decided it was time to call it quits so that I can concentrate on beautifying homes, something I felt connected to,” says Mishra, who, if given an opportunity would love to design the home and outdoor space for actress Kangana Ranaut. “She is a fine actress and something about her personality tells me that she would love living in an eclectic home. She has also created a home for herself that is unique and interesting. It would be wonderful to work with a creative genius like her because she would allow us to experiment with structure, colour and shapes.”

Adarsh Mishra

Adarsh Mishra at his Handmade World studio in Sultanpur, Delhi | Images: Fotuwalle by DHP Labs

In an industry that is rife with competition and global labels flooding the market, Mishra pays a lot of attention to customer taste, preference and after sales service. “Seventy per cent of business comes from customisation. We can personalise anything and everything for a client because at the end of the day, he has to be happy with the place he is living in. Many global brands are not open to shift from their design ideology but we are flexible that way because for us, the customer is of utmost importance. We have many people walking in to see our products and they end up buying from us despite so many brands around because we give their choice and taste the due value. For us, everything is centred around the client,” explains Mishra. He also believes that with individuals living stressful lives today, a great looking outdoor space is of paramount importance in a home. “That is where one wants to unwind after all the hard work. If that space is not curated with care, the experience is never complete. Handmade World understands this and is trained to deliver in that category,” elaborates the entrepreneur.

After establishing his name in the field for outdoor décor in Delhi and Alibaug, Handmade World is now getting into the tricky yet tantalising turf of indoor design. “I am a designer at heart and even for our indoor furniture we have stuck to our core design vocabulary. There are items made from reclaimed wood. We have created pieces by upcycling tractors, tables from bikes and so on. It’s something Delhi has never seen,” he sounds excited. And, we can’t wait for the much-anticipated launch…

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