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Exclusive: Indian actor Arfi Lamba writes an open letter of support to Meryl Streep

You do not project the truth only when you are doing the job, you choose truth in every aspect of life, writes Arfi Lamba in his open letter of support to Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep holds the Cecil B. DeMille Award during the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California, U.S., January 8, 2017. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Dear Meryl Streep

I want to express my gratitude today – loud and clear.

You mean a lot to me. Not just to me but to every artist across the globe who is working towards their dream of lighting up that sacred screen with characters that rise and fall, live and die, explode and cry to project a portrayal as true as it can be to our own abilities.

In times like these, when the world is converging at the speed of Google and when our differences are scaring us apart rather than charming us towards each other, and when mistrust is replacing empathy and understanding, Madam Streep, your speech reminded us again that art and artists today shoulder a much bigger responsibility than they ever did.

Madam Streep, your speech today reminded me the first lesson that I learnt in acting class, “You do not project the truth only when you are doing the job, you choose truth in every aspect of life. You have to choose it all the time. This choice in everyday life is what will make an actor, an artist”. And you’ve urged the yearning in me to be one.

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The timing of your bold, powerful, potent words could not have been better. In the present day, when raising your voice to state the truth, when being different from the masses alienates you, and when often intended apathy makes you question your own reasons, we needed a voice of reason. You, standing  miles away in LA, receiving an award and giving a power-packed acceptance speech, were just that.

You are one of those who make me proud to be of your kind, Madam Streep, but today I want to be one of the herd, one of those standing at their seats, applauding, whistling and bowing to the artist in you.  The artist that is you. You have inspired not just the artists in us Madam Streep, you have inspired the human beings in us.

And for that, and so much more – thank you.

(Arfi Lamba is a young Bollywood star featured in various Indian and international films. Some his notable works include Prague, Fugly & Singh Is Bling)

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