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Indian designers to hold runway shows in Pakistan

A total contingent of 57 people including designers Joy Mitra & Samanth Chauhan and vocalist Rekha Bhardwaj will participate in Shaan-e-Pakistan in Lahore.


Huma Nassr with Indian designers and artistes

“I’ve told everyone back in my country that they (Indian designers) are our guests and they should get the best of our hospitality. Let them come and experience us. I assure they will never forget this bilateral event,” Huma Nassr, organiser of fashion-centric cultural event Shaan-e-Pakistan, loftily assured Indian designers while addressing scribes at Eros Hotel, New Delhi.

Nassr, also the founder of fashion brand Braahtii, is looking forward to host second edition of Shaan-e-Pakistan, an event she incubated in Delhi, where she hosted the first installment of the show. “This is going to be bi-annual affair, one in India and the other in Pakistan,” she said.

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For this season, a contingent of 57 people from India will be in Lahore in a week’s time. It includes designers, chefs, artists, bands and singers. Prominent names being flashed include vocalist Rekha Bhardwaj, designers Samanth Chauhan and Joy Mitra.

“We have fought for over 60 years. It’s high time citizens from both sides get up and break the walls. This initiative is our attempt to foster people-to-people connect,” said Nassr.

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Huma Nassr, founder, Shaan-e-Pakistan in an exclusive interaction with Born of Web:

Below is the break-up of three-day event (March 20-22):

Day 1 will start with  ‘Ek Shaam’, a series of musical performances by artistes Rekha Bhardwaj from India and Asrar & Mai Dhai from Pakistan followed by a culinary feast prepared by the best chefs from both the countries.

Day 2 will see an open exhibition by all participating retailers/craftsmen including Amina Sultan, Anand Khanna, Elisha Wadhwani among others.

Day 3 will host a celebratory fashion showcase of 16 designers from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh including Ahmed Bilal, Aisha Imran, Barae Khanom, Bibi Russell (Bangladesh), Fahad Hussayn, Joy Mitra, Jyoti Sachdev Iyer, Samanth Chauhan among others.

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