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Ki & Ka: Kareena Kapoor & Arjun Kapoor burn gender roles in swag!

How about a young Indian guy all committed to of household chores and a gal devoted to earn livelihood? By Karan Bhardwaj  

Ki & Ka

A still from Ki & Ka

Can a man just sit back at home and do all household chores, like cooking, cleaning and handling babies? Or a woman simply desire to be the CEO of a company and not think of her husband and kids all her life? Is role reversal of genders possible in India? The latest movie Ki & Ka by R Balki, known for making path-breaking cinema like that of Cheeni Kum, Paa and English Vinglish, is all set to explore gender roles in an unconventional manner. The trailer, which was released today, shows lead actors Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor swiftly taking on Indian traditional virtues of a man and a woman.

The concept isn’t really new and is practised all over the globe. Women earn while men run houses. In India, many such young couples are seen in urban centres. Having said that, such men who don’t step out to earn money are looked down upon for shying away from their responsibilities, as traditionally they are expected to take care of needs of their families. But the trailer challenges the notion in a blunt tone where Arjun Kapoor bluntly confesses to his lady love Kareena that he enjoys being at home and dreams to ‘become like his mother’. Nonetheless, he is as powerful as Dharmendra on screen and has also got heavy appetite for sex. He also wears ‘mangal sutra’ during their court marriage, a mere gesture of puncturing male ego and possibly exposing the fact that these wedding rituals can be written off freely. Honestly, we found that scene cute, and not an attack on the concept of gender neutrality. Similarly, it is okay to see Arjun taking off his partner’s footwear when she is dead tired and crashed on bed.

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Over all, the trailer provides refreshing content and builds excitement for the release of the movie. Arjun shows right amount of determination for his character while Kareena controls her presence in right proportions. The movie is also seen as her comeback vehicle in the world of performance-driven cinema, something her fans were wishing for a long time.

Watch the trailer here:

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