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Kim Kardashian robbed of millions at gunpoint in Paris

The robbers tied her in bathroom, took away her jewellery worth millions,  reports say

If reports are to be believed, reality TV star & socialite Kim Kardashian has been robbed by two armed men disguised as police at her luxury apartment in Paris. Although it is not clear as to how many men were there, the masked men have flown away taking up jewellery worth approximately 10 million Euros as reported by The Guardian.

Kim Kardashian robbed

Kim Kardashian via Facebook

Kardashian is in Paris for the ongoing Paris Fashion Week. She attended the Balenciaga show before the mishap on Sunday. Her husband-rapper Kanye West left his New York concert midway after learning about the incident. He apologised to his fans citing “family emergency”.

Kardashian’s spokeswoman has been quoted informing that the social media celebrity was “badly shaken but physically unharmed”. Franceinfo reported that the robbers also handcuffed Kardashian’s bodyguard during the incident.

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