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Like Ed Sheeran, are you also a victim of ‘nomophobia’? Here’s your guide to prevent menace

British musician Ed Sheeran is taking a break from mobile phone and social media. You better don’t reach that level! Divyani Raghav tells you how to cure ‘nomophobia’

Well! Ed Sheeran has just announced his break up with his mobile phone and social media avenues. He’s done with seeing world through a screen! Be it a celebrity or a common person like me, digital invasion is causing hell lot of problem in our life. This is simply because we have failed to strike balance between less and more. But thankfully, there are always solutions to the problems. At a recent talk at TEDxWalledCity in Delhi, Ireland-based William Meara shared simplest ways of managing technology in daily routine.

He said most of us are suffering from ‘Nomophobia’! “It is an irrational phobia and fear of missing out on information. It’s ‘no mobile phone’,” he said. Well, for all these reasons, digital detox is fast gaining popularity even in regions where digital invasion is still not prominent. “Mobile phones are a weapon for mass destruction and we need to learn to live and keep a healthy relation with our technology,” said Meara.

However, complete digital detox is definitely not possible to implement on a regular basis due to our commitments to our personal and professional lives which depend totally on technology. We can control damage by practising these steps :)

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William Meara speaking at TEDxWalledCity on Nomophobia

Start your day without a mobile device. Use an alarm clock to get up. Switch on your mobiles after you freshen up and take breakfast.

Take breaks at work but do not indulge yourself in gadgets because it causes more exhaustion. This is not a break if you are glued to your mobile phone. Roam around, do stretch or maybe talk to people around you. How about coffee?

When you meet someone, whether it’s a romantic date or a formal get together, switch your phones on airplane mode. Trust me, the other person will be flattered by your undivided attention. You won’t be required to push your presence.

This is the best thing you can do your brain. It is difficult to sleep with mobile phone besides you which is pinging non-stop. This mobile dependence causes hell lot of insomnia.

Start living great moments. Yes, it is good to capture them as well as share them online but it’s not good if you don’t even remember what exactly happened because you were busy capturing them.

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