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‘Man man man! I mean what chance in hell did we ever have?’: Kalki Koechlin

Kalki Koechlin packed a punch with yet another enthralling monologue on gender equality

To say that you’re a feminist welcomes a whole lot of interpretations in today’s world. Some would smirk at you while some would be curious enough to know what led you to become one (as if there aren’t as much reasons). However, Kalki Koechlin has always been that one person who shrugs away all kinds of opinions and goes on to stand upright for what she believes in. Watch for yourself as she goes about it in her ‘Wo-manologue’ that she performed in the capital recently:-

                                                                                                    (Video source: Vagabomb)

Thereafter, in a conversation with Dilip Cherian followed by a Q&A, Kalki shared her opinions on various aspects. Here we have them compiled for you.


Kalki Koechlin with Dilip Cherian

On cyber bullying
I don’t think we can avoid social media anymore. We cannot pretend it doesn’t exist. It’s about being aware and it all comes down to educating our children about sex. And death. Both of these are taboo. We don’t teach our younger ones enough about both of these two. If we provide them the right kind of tools I think they’re going to be alright. Social media is positive too. It is the new democracy now.

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On item songs
Item songs fall under a broad umbrella. Yes I think we do have very demeaning ones that are exposed to children in family films which I think is not good. But in adult rated films, item songs can exist and should exist. I’d just like to see more of men in item numbers (laughs away).


In the middle of a talk; Kalki Koechlin

On regional movies
We have some brilliant regional cinema. But yes Bollywood overshadows it all. They live a short life. It is very tough but I hope the culture of regional cinema can be preserved. I completely encourage the idea of a reservation for regional cinema. Like one theatre in every city that just shows regional films and documentaries. Like you go watch the blockbusters but every once in a while you should go watch a serious film too.

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On sequels
I hate sequels. Because the minute you’re creating a sequel you’re creating a franchise. You do it for money and I don’t like it.


Standing tall; Kalki Koechlin

Things she does when she’s not doing films
There’s a lot of slobbing around. I like watching TV series. I also work on writing plays. And those little square/rectangular things (books), I like reading. Or I simply run off into nature leaving my phone behind.

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Caught contemplating; Kalki Koechlin

Kalki is currently preparing on her role for the film called ‘Ribbon’ by Rakhi Sandilya. The film is based on the struggle of a modern-day couple on having a baby and will also have Sumeet Vyas in a role opposite her.



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