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Our moment with Shah Rukh Khan: ”Karan’ asks too many questions’

It’s almost impossible to not feel special or inspired when you are in the august company of Shah Rukh Khan, says Karan Bhardwaj, as he blogs on his encounter with SRK

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan

Yes, he has got a special place for women in his heart but guys too love him for his unparallel wit and intelligence apart from great cinematic experiences that he offers. In Delhi recently, a bunch of scribes were gathered in a room to interview Shah Rukh Khan, Alia Bhatt and Gauri Shinde for Dear Zindagi. As the celebs entered the room, a feeling of great admiration ensued among all of us present over there. The media group with a majority of women almost fell silent as the stars makers looked upon us to break the ice.

I took the advantage of the situation and threw the opening question to Alia Bhatt. Before I could complete, Shah Rukh interrupted me to ask the name of my organisation. “B.o.r.n… of Web,” he spelt behind me, raising his eyebrows in acceptance. It was a dear moment. I am moving towards completing a decade in journalism but I never had a chance to tell SRK about my previous organisations as we never sat in the same exclusive enclosure. Somehow it didn’t happen. Though I have had the chance of talking to him in the past, it was never this close.

In this group meeting, SRK had cast a spell on female journalists as none was bothered to ask questions. So I kept prodding him and Alia before a female colleague finally raised her voice, reminding others too that they were there to discuss the film and not just simply gaze at the superstar. “Ye hamare Karan ki tarah hain. Vo bhi bohot sawaal puchta hain (This Karan is similar to our Karan (Johar). He also asks too many questions),” said Shah Rukh jokingly. It is this quintessential trait of this superstar that makes him the Badshah of hearts across all ages.

I obliged and let others take the conversation forward. On new media and entertainment websites, Shah Rukh gave us an inspiring remark. It was my takeaway from the interviews. “I believe, in a long run, if you stick to the very essence of journalism, which is about information, clarity and opinion too sometimes, and if you do it with earnestness, smartness or however you want to use your intellect but with honesty, nevertheless, that’s going to stand the test of time. And it’s the same rule with everything, and not just journalism. Of course, populism has taken over these days specially because of social media. But are you going to sell your essence for that popularity? I, despite having worked in this place about populism for 25 years, still haven’t sold my essence for the populist point of view. At the end of it all, there should be an essential quality to what you say or write. If you be consistently essential, people with be able to tell the chaff from the grain eventually.”

Well, we’re inspired and will go on working hard with a belief that we are here to stay. Thank You!

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