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INCREDIBLE! Raftaar shares images of his baldness with a powerful message for youth

Popular rapper Raftaar cut down his workload, limited his public appearances after he suffered from Alopecia Areata, also known as spot badlness. Having gone through a successful surgery, he shared images with a powerful message for youth. By Divyani Raghav


Raftaar posts image of bald patches on Instagram

In the world of glamour (and the age of social media) where there’s no place for weakness, celebrities discussing their insecurities is a welcome change. First, Deepika Padukone broke the mould by talking openly about her depression which even led to much required attention to the epidemic, and now, it is popular rapper Raftaar, who has put out his pictures of ‘bald patches’ on his head resulting from Alopecia Areata.

In an incredible caption, the rapper has confessed he suffered from this autoimmune disorder in which hair is lost from some or all parts of the body. Raftaar, who has undergone a surgery successfully, said it was a challenge to defeat it psychologically due to societal pressures and he was even ashamed of ‘baldness’. He had even cut down on his work. “I had to do the surgery because today society judges you more by your appearance and not by your work or character,” he wrote on Instagram.

However, shedding his inhibitions, he decided to create awareness about Alopecia, now a common thing among youth. “You don’t need to lose your confidence… My hair doesn’t make me less of a man,” he wrote.

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Surgery Successful. So here goes the reality behind my long hair. I was suffering from ALOPECIA AREATA which led to a few bald patches on my head. My beard and my small patches recovered automatically with time but the one main patch behind my head only healed a little. So I had to opt for FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) surgery to get my hair back. There is not much awareness about ALOPECIA and the fact is that it is very common. It happens when your white blood cells attack your hair follicles mistaking them for a threat. It is an autoimmune disorder. Triggers automatically in anyone. I had to do the surgery because todays society judges you more by your appearance and not by your work or character. I wanted to let the world know that everything can be healed or corrected. You don’t need to loose your confidence. I initially was ashamed of it and thus doing lesser work. My hair doesn’t make me less of a man. Once A Fighter Always A Fighter. NO SHAME. Thank you and love to the people who love me for my talent and not my appearance. Ab to appearance wapas theek hoagaya. Dont be afraid of your flaws. Work on your strengths. THANK YOU. Thanks a lot to @drferiyal for all the help and assuring me that nothing was wrong with me. I owe you one. #raa #raftaar #alopeciaareata #fue #surgery #blessed #positive #fighter

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