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Stinker Alert: I am a woman and I fart!

Women in India are still pretty much considered ‘non-existent’ and her fart is way louder than anything anyone’s ever going to hear for a while, writes SUSMITA MUKHERJEE


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It all started with one rather interesting event, at least for me, in the women’s loo at an office I worked for. I got into one of the two cubicles in the loo, the other was already occupied when I rushed in to relieve myself. As I went about my business, I distinctly heard a familiar sound of a fart. It sounded pretty much like a poor attempt of the unfortunate woman in the next cubicle, to suppress the release the gas. Yeah, it’s funny and all but it also occurred to me that women, at least in the India I know, don’t consider it “appropriate” to fart.

Believe me, I have been in enough stuffy elevators and offices to know that for some men, who are severely frowned upon, farting is a natural thing. The shocking part is that they’re right. Farting in public is embarrassing, because it reflects poor digestive health. Despite that, women in India are still pretty much considered non-existent and her fart is way louder than anything anyone’s ever going to hear for a while. A man who farts brings enough troubles on himself but a woman that farts, raises hell.

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The anatomy of a woman is far more complicated than a man’s. That is not the only reason for our awesomeness, it also makes everything that goes into our system that’s much more significant. The time just before periods, it is common for us to suffer from indigestion and gas. When there is a hormonal shift and the body temperatures rise, it is common to suffer from indigestion and gas. Apart from these, a woman suffers from gas for all the reasons that a man does.

The more number of pills a woman pops to help save the day, the worse the lining of her stomach gets. Eventually, her digestion gets inversely affected and she ends up taking even more pills. I can count more than a ‘polite’ number of times when I had to resort to some rather far-fetched ways of curbing a fart. I didn’t always succeed. But do I need to suppress the fact that I have a poor digestive problem or cause myself a host of other medical problems while trying to suppress my body’s hot air? You know, there’s a lot of things to stress about with a fart already on way. I believe in letting it all go. It’s just a matter of time before it occurs to you (as it has to me) that a healthy way of life is better than stressing about a fart. Let it go ladies!

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