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Sunny Leone okays ‘one-night stand’ for singles

If your physical emotions take over your brain, you can do whatever you want to without being judged

One night stand

Sunny Leone/Source

Sunny Leone’s latest movie One Night Stand, which is about sex adventure of her character over one random night, has a lot to with slut shaming. The trailer has shown a guy naming all kinds of things to Leone’s character. But Leone has questioned slut shaming and said there’s no need to judge an individual on the basis of sexual encounters. “One-night stand is lot more in urban cities in comparison to smaller towns. I think if you are single and your physical emotions take over your brain, then you can do whatever you want to without being judged. But if you’re married or have partner in your life, then you need to think twice because there are repercussions and consequences to it,” she said.

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The actress was discussing her movie One night Stand in Delhi. She also spoke about women empowerment and asserted that small decisions in life make one a stronger individual. Referring to her upbringing, she explained, “I think it’s not about waking up one day and saying ‘okay today this is who I want to be’. The secret lies in small choices that you make every day. These decisions make you stronger and more confident about your existence. Like you can always tell your life partner or boyfriend that you don’t want to wash dishes tonight and instead want him to perform the job. It’s simply fine. Small changes like these make you a different person. I grew up in a family where both my parents worked. They’re like Ki and Ka (character of movie Ki & Ka). They loved to share responsibilities. My father loved to cook and that’s why my brother became a chef. I saw my father doing the dishes and my mother washing the car. I saw my mother doing the trash and my father cleaning the bathroom.”

She also asked younger women “to be independent”. “We must tell them (girls) to speak up. If one hurts you, you don’t have to yell or fight, you just have to find your voice inside and stand up for yourself,” she said.

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