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This St Stephen’s graduate captures stunning nights in North India

Cyril Lucido Kuhn gives you the best excuse to visit North India right now

Cyril Lucido Kuhn

All images have been provided by Cyril Lucido Kuhn

Yes, for Delhi folks, it’s a gloomy sky every night with no stars in sight, forget about natural adventures of galaxy. But the moment you step out of Delhi, beautiful things bewitch you on ground as well as sky. Cyril Lucido Kuhn, a graduate from Delhi varsity’s St. Stephen’s College, spared last two years in capturing some of the most stunning nights in whole of North India.

Cyril Lucido Kuhn

Kheerganga: Wings of the Galaxy 

His photographs are being exhibited at India International Centre, Lodhi Road, till July 8. “It was in Korakundah, while visiting a friend that I chanced upon a sky that left me mesmerised. It wasn’t my first time looking at the night sky but inadvertently, there I was, in the right place at the right time, witnessing the Milky Way for the very first time, glowing bright on a new moon night,” he says.

Cyril Lucido Kuhn

Rasol: Star trail


Cyril Lucido Kuhn

Virim: Pathway through plantations

Cyril has been travelling to many places in North India which include Kheerganga, Rasol, Kasol, Ladakh and Mussoorie and clicked some breath-taking pictures. “If we are unable to see the stars in the sky today, it is largely due to light pollution. A night sky in all its glory should neither be rare nor extraordinary but is hidden because of the illumination because of the atmosphere from our urban lights,” says Cyril, 26-year-old boy from Dehradun. 

Cyril Lucido Kuhn

Mussoorie: Jwala Devi; Orion over Bhadraj Temple

His exhibition, ‘Into the Darkness’, also highlights negative impact glare and artificial lights have on our environment and ecosystem, disturbing all life and disturbing our vision to the universe. Over 35 pictures have been exhibited.

Cyril Lucido Kuhn

Mussoorie Clouds End

Where: India International Centre, Lodhi Road
When: July 1 to 8
Timings: 11 am to 7 pm

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