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Night out turned horror: Eight boys stuck in Delhi’s Warehouse Cafe’s lift for 4 hours

An FIR has allegedly been lodged against the management of Warehouse Cafe, CP, by the Delhi Police, after a group of eight friends got stuck inside the Cafe’s lift for over four hours. One of the boys even fainted during the incident

Warehouse Cafe

Warehouse Cafe, Connaught Place, Source

What could have been a perfect start to the weekend turned out to be a traumatic ordeal for a group of friends in Delhi who had gone for a dinner at Warehouse Cafe, Connaught Place, Delhi, last Thursday. According to a report, published in the Indian Express, the boys got stuck inside the Cafe’s lift on their way out late night and could only be rescued early next morning after cops intervened. A case has been registered against the management of Warehouse Cafe under sections 287 (negligent conduct with respect to machinery) and 336 (act endangering life or personal safety of others) of the IPC at Connaught Place police station, claims the IE report.

On Thursday night around 12:50 am, as these boys took the lift to leave the restaurant, it got stuck between the first and ground floors. Some staffers immediately attended the issue after they pressed emergency button. “They (staffers) tried to open the lift door, but weren’t able to. They later called a man who claimed to be a technician, but he failed as well. Instead of informing police, they kept trying to open it themselves,” Prabhav Gupta, a Vasant Vihar resident who was stuck in the lift, was quoted as saying.

Gupta claimed that all of them panicked after on their buddies fainted inside the lift. “We were worried and made a call to the police control room (PCR) around 2.15 am, telling them that we were stuck inside,” he said.

Local cops arrived at the spot but even they couldn’t do much about it. The helpless policemen then called the fire department. “They had to use gas cutters, and we eventually got out around 5 am. We are shocked at the lax attitude of the establishment,” Gupta, a sales manager, was quoted as saying.

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Speaking to the Express, Priyank Sukhija, who owns the restaurant, said the restaurant management followed standard operating procedure. “They were the last guests to leave. We followed standard operating procedure. We first called the technician from the lift company, who failed to open the lift in an hour-and-a-half. We then asked the contractor of the building for help. In the meantime, the men inside called police. We get the lift serviced regularly and pay an annual maintenance charge,” he was quoted as saying.

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