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Trending looks for Spring’17 by celebrity hairstylist Asgar Saboo

 Celebrity hairstylist, Asgar Saboo has handpicked some of the hottest hair trends for Spring ’17. Snip, style, colour and refresh your look with these simple steps

Wet & Slick style

Latest hairstyles by Asgar Saboo

Wet & Slick hairstyle (Source)

How to:

  1. On damp hair, rub a big helping of pomade or moose between the palms of your hands and run from roots to tip (focusing heavily on the crown if you are going for a slicked back and down look).
  2. Using a fine toothed comb evenly distribute the product until smooth and then style.
  3. Be careful not to over-coat the hair with product, as there still should be some movement and texture in your locks! For added shine, run a small drop of oil over the final look.

The Deep Side Part

Latest hairstyles by Asgar Saboo

Deep side parting (Source)

How to:

  1. Make sure hair is smooth and tame any frizz with a small droplet of serum and brush any tangles through.
  2. Take a sectioning comb and working backwards, run the comb down your scalp, keeping in line with the middle of your eye brow.
  3. Softly flatten both sides down with the comb, making sure your parting is precise and visible.
  4. To finish off, add a touch of hair gel (or hairspray for finer hair) at the crown, to keep the deep side part firmly in place.

Note: The new deep side parting has been updated by taking two or more inches of hair to the other side than you may be used to, creating the ‘deep sweep’, think closer to your ear than the center of your head.

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Latest hairstyles by Asgar Saboo

‘Flave’ (Source)

How to:

  1. Spritz hair with a texturising salt spray until slightly damp and scrunch.
  2. Take your hair into three sections (more if you desire a thinner wave and less for thicker) and braid.
  3. Blast each braid with a hairdryer on a medium temperature for a few seconds to mould the shape.
  4. Next, take a pair of straighteners and run over each braid clamping softly. Leave the braids in for half an hour (or longer if possible) then undo each braid slowly, brushing through with fingers.
  5. For a smoother sleek finish, take a soft bristle brush and lightly brush through the waves, being careful not to brush the curl out completely. Finish off with a light spray of dry hair oil or hairspray.

Note: For best results, style hair just before you sleep.

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Rainbow Hair

Latest hairstyles by Asgar Saboo

Rainbow hair colour

How to:

If you are brave enough to fully commit to the rainbow hair hues, the best option is to visit a hairdresser who will fully assist you on what shades will suit your hair colour, hair type and skin tone.

However, if you aren’t quite ready to fully commit to the colour, pop down to your local high street or jump online to find endless semi-permanent and wash out products, from hair chalks to coloured hair sprays.

Note: Brighter hues work best on blondes, whilst brunettes should opt for warmer tones; think deep reds, greens and purples.

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