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Taking primary food lessons from Melbourne’s celebrity chef, Shaun Quade

Chef Shaun Quade from Lûmé in Melbourne says food is his life, not just a profession

Shaun Quade

A display of Australian dish Tomatoes and Plums Seasoned With Chestnut and Mountain Pepper by Chef Shaun Quade during a masterclass, organised by Visit Victoria

It’s difficult to confine Australian chef Shaun Quade’s culinary skills to a tradition or region. For that reason, his restaurant Lûmé in Melbourne is regarded as one of the most experimental high-end spaces. So when we learnt that the chef was going to be in Delhi for a high tea session at The Leela Palace, we couldn’t hold our excitement. And he was equally thrilled. “India is treating me really well. I wish I could stay here for long. It’s been 6 days but I am hoping to visit again later this year to check out more of the country, eat some more amazing food,” he said.

Shaun Quade

Pearl On The Ocean Floor- Dish made by Chef Shaun Quade

During his masterclass, he spread out a couple of interesting dishes. One had tomatoes and plums seasoned with chestnut and mountain pepper while the other turned out to be slightly fancy, ‘Pearl On The Ocean Floor ‘. He also presented this popular dish at Masterchef Australia Season 9. “It has sea bream and other ingredients which I managed to bring with me from Melbourne, which was stressful. We actually serve it with ice cream back home. It is very massive and multi censory,” he said adding that the dish is very elaborate and has got native elements.

For Quade, being in the kitchen is like living his dreams everyday. “I have always been very creative and the art of preparing food is changing everyday. Something new happens everyday so it is a very exciting career. This is not just a profession, it’s my life,” he said.  When asked about his favourite cuisine, he said, “Australian cuisine is a melting pot of various cultures but I love to cook Japanese food and I love their culture as well.”

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