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The new menu at The China Kitchen, Hyatt Regency, is droolworthy!

Curated by legendary Chinese cuisine Chef Jack Aw Yong, Executive Chef at Park Hyatt, Beijing, the new menu at The China Kitchen, Hyatt Regency, is going to be the ultimate experience for foodies. Rashima Nagpal and Divyani Raghav sample the fare 

The China Kitchen

Chef Jack Aw Yong


Beijing Style Vegetable Dumplings: Steamed dumplings stuffed with celery, mushroom, truffle oil, sesame sauce. Neither spicy nor bland, these can pose as a nice starter for all vegans out there. Go wonderfully well with the kitchen’s sweet chili sauce (a personal favourite).

Chicken Bean Dumplings: A little on the tangy side, the bite is juicy and succulent. Steamed and stuffed with chicken and some veggies.

The China Kitchen

Chicken Bean Dumplings

Hot n Sour Truffle Mushroom Soup: A hot treat for vegetarians. With the right amount of consistency, the soup comes with shredded mushrooms, cottage cheese and truffles. Although with a drizzle of chili oil and sweet chili sauce the appetizer turns out to be good, but we missed some crunchy tit-bits and a good sourness.

The China Kitchen

Hot n Sour Truffle Soup

Spicy Shrimp Mousse: Comprising ingredients such as red chili, coriander and ginger soy, this one’s for those who like to have it hot and spicy. One-of-a-kind dish, the shrimp in it comes deep fried. Just then, a lady on the table said “there’s nothing that doesn’t taste good when it’s deep fried”. We couldn’t agree more.

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The China Kitchen

Spicy Shrimp Mousse

Zucchini Lamb: Thinly sliced lamb wrapped in thin layers of zucchini, this too is a quick bite. A strange combination of flavors, it may not appeal to every palate.

The China Kitchen

Zucchini Lamb


Twice-cooked crispy lamb shank with garlic, cumin, coriander and chili: This is a Vir Sanghvi favourite apparently, if that is allowed to mention! A main course, the lamb is first steamed and then roasted as part of a long process. Seasoned with roasted cumin, the lamb comes with a crispy crust while being tender and moist on the inside. Accompanied with mandatory lemon and onion slices to go with.

The China Kitchen

Lamb Shank

Sichuan fried noodles: When in doubt, order noodles! A basic plate of noodles with bell pepper, bean sprout and sesame oil. I think we were slightly disappointed with the amount of seasoning in this dish. But sweet chili sauce comes to the rescue, yet again.

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The China Kitchen

Noodles with Tofu in a sauce

Tofu and vegetables in a sauce: Utterly soft cubes of Tofu along with some capsicum and shallots bathing in a thick sauce, this goes well with your noodles.

Chairman Mao’s favourite dish – Braised spicy pork: This one literally came with finely sliced red chillies forming a bed for the cubes of pork. A simple dish with bang of flavor in your mouth.

The China Kitchen

Chilli Pork being served

Stir-fried asparagus with porcini mushroom, crispy shallot: A conventional accompaniment to go with your rice or noodles. A primarily textural dish with minimal flavours, you won’t have any doubts with this one.

Northern-style fried rice, soy, vegetable, chili, spring onion: The kind of rice that you use can make simple northern style fried rice taste amazing. This fried rice at The China Kitchen are basic yet exemplary.

The China Kitchen

Fried Rice


Sweet “Memories”; selection of signature desserts: Oh well, your soul shall be filled to satiety after having this platter full of sweet treats. Specially the coconut stuffed spring rolls which were a part of the desserts along with mango crème brulee, ice cream three-ways, fresh fruit, egg tarts, and some rich chocolates.

The China Kitchen

The Dessert Platter

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