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This TEDx Talks episode by Madhu Jain is a crash course on organic & sustainable fashion

This TEDx Talk featuring designer Madhu Jain gives you an idea of India’s rich heritage of textiles and surge of sustainable fashion. Her staple weave, Bamboo Silk Ikat, has a great potential to be the textile of the future

Of late, a lot of awareness has been generated about organic and eco-friendly fashion. With environmental hazards impacting this generation like never before, youngsters are taking the lead in making informed lifestyle choices. On one hand, they are appreciating India’s rich heritage of textiles while on the other, they are also attaching themselves to the fashion that’s friendly with nature. So if you are one of them, this latest TEDx Talk featuring India’s veteran designer Madhu Jain, is just for you! Jain, known as a textile conservationist, has spoken at length about significance of organic and sustainable fabrics while sharing her inspiring journey of working with biodegradable textiles for over three decades.

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