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Valentine’s Special: A perfect braided bun with celebrity hairstylist Asgar Saboo

Asgar Saboo, celebrity hairstylist to the likes of Cindy Crawford, Eva Longoria Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Katrina Kaif shares his expertise to get the perfect braided bun this Valentine’s Day

In these 4 easy steps attain a delicate hairstyle with a romantic twist on the classic topknot, adding a touch of elegance to your messy bun.  this Valentine’s Day with a unique hairdo, even if your hair is not the longest.

Braided bun

The perfect hairdo for the special day

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Step 1: Before starting, plug in your curling iron and rotate. Thoroughly brush through hair, ensuring it is completely smooth and tangle-free. Spray over with a heat protection spray at about an arm lengths distance. Your iron should be hot by now and ready to use. Using sections sized as pictured, twirl hair around the iron and hold for a moment, before letting hair drop into delicate waves.

Step 2: Once your hair is nice and wavy, divide it by leaving two sections at the front, and tying the rest together at the back in a loose ponytail. Then twirl ponytail around itself, fastening with a bobby pin that matches your hair colour.

 Step 3: Then proceed to braid the front parts of your hair into a traditional plait by dividing the hair into three sections and crossing these over each other, pulling each section together after every crossing. Once this is a complete plait, fasten it around the bun with a bobby pin. Repeat on the other side, pulling the end of this plait under the other, to create the illusion of one long braid going over your bun.

Step 4: Ensure that both plaits and bun are secured with bobby pins. Then carefully loosen some strands of hair at the front, to create a face framing effect and ensuring that the braids do not look too tight. Finish off with a light shower of hairspray.

 And there you have it, a romantic look for the most romantic time of the year.

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