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BornofWeb takes #PadmanChallenge to the streets. Watch Video!

How would you react if you’re asked to hold a sanitary pad in public? Will you be ashamed or just be normal?

You must have seen a lot of celebrities posing with tampons on social media. The #PadManChallenge, as thrown upon all of us by the star cast of film PadMan, has gone massively viral. Of course, it is a promotional stunt by the film’s producers but hey, why not endorse when it is serving a larger purpose of creating awareness about the usage of sanitary pads and periods. If not more, it will, at least, make us comfortable to talk about the subject which is considered a “taboo”. Therefore, we decided to take up the challenge further to the masses. We got people taking about sanitary pads and periods on the streets. As expected, results are funny, predictable and occasionally satisfying (some people are progressive)!

Let’s not use periods as a reason to take leave from work: Twinkle Khanna

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