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Priyanka Chopra’s smashing wine glass on her head is highly irresponsible!

Priyanka Chopra decided to deal with a bad day by breaking a wine glass on her head! But should she have posted the video?

Priyanka Chopra has rather an adventurous way to deal with a bad day! Her latest video on Instagram shows her smashing a wine glass on her head, mercilessly! The caption reads, “This is what happens when you work from nine to wine… DO NOT TRY this at home I make ‘pour’ decisions after a bad day! Lol ok ok I’ll stop (sic).”

Well, we have no idea what caused this bad day and encouraged her to post this extreme adventure, but the actor clearly seems pissed off. Yes, we know she is a rebel. But was breaking a glass on her head and posting it on social media, thereby exposing the gimmick to millions of her fans, a great idea? I don’t think so.

Young Indians today look up to her as a role model, thanks to her impressive achievements. And it’s not a secret that many young Indian girls want to be the next Priyanka Chopra and do swear by the actor and her actions. So, simply stated, this bratty stunt of injuring your own head while you are in a bad mood can set a wrong example. While writing this piece, I have already heard a couple of my high-energy colleagues behind me, declaring that they would try to emulate the actor on their bad days. Bravo? Priyanka, youth in this nation is already stressed out. And if this is how we are going to deal with our “bad mood”, we are certainly inviting big trouble. But who’s responsible? Think about it. Hope your coming days fare better!

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