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When Taj Vivanta sumptuously reprised the Dragon Boat Festival of Thailand in Delhi

The Thai Pavilion, Taj Vivanta, celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival recently with select lip-smacking delicacies from the country. Divyani Raghav samples the feast

Taj Vivanta

Woon Mapraow Orn

As an ode to the Dragon Boat Festival of Thailand, this event allowed us a rendezvous with the signature delicacies of the festival at the Thai pavilion at the hotel. It wasn’t only about the acquaintance that we had at the diner but also the exhibition that lured our eyes. As we rested ourselves in the Thai pavilion, the perfect pick to knock down the thirst on a hot day was the Pineapple juice. And what could have been more refreshing than consoling the eyes with the splendid arrangement of the dishes with a kiss of nature.

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For Starters

Taj Vivanta


Our journey of a traditional feast inaugurated with a heavenly combination of intricacy, texture, hue and aroma of the royal dining experience from cities of Thailand. Kai Hoi Bai Toey was placed before us as an appetiser which had wrapped Chicken Morsels. It was accompanied by Som Tam Koong Sod which included shrimp and young Papaya salad, and also Sam Sa Hai with pandan-wrapped palm hearts, sweet corn and tofu cooked with fresh Thai herbs. One could also enjoy Pomelo salad which is made of the citrus fruit found in Bangkok with chili coriander dressing.

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Main Course

Taj Vivanta

Bak Chang

After the delicious servings in the starters we were eager to enjoy the food that was about to come. We were then served with an array of exquisite Bak Chang which is claimed to be the prime dish of the festival and is usually had in breakfast. It comprises of steamed jasmine rice wrapped in bamboo leaf. More than the taste of the served food, one thing that delighted us the most was, the fact that the Thai master chef Prajuab Shoosridam especially got the leaves from Bangkok for the preparation of the cuisines. Such dedication and commitment to his work made the eating experience more joyful for us. The main course comprised of the Bak Chang Thaley with seafood in it which was complimented well with pickled ginger, fresh turmeric and spring onions. It was then followed by Bak Chang Kai which had minced chicken prepared in cashew and red chili paste. And last but not the least was the Bak Chang Pe which treasured in it succulent minced lamb, shallots, Thai herbs with roasted chili paste. Mouth watering, isn’t it?

To spice it up

One could add to the flavor of meal by using the different sauces that were offered. The red sauce was the best option for the ones who look for some real spice in their food. Then there was silacha which was modified with added honey and another one was the soya garlic sauce. The sauces proved out to be perfect in partnership with the crackers.

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Taj Vivanta


For the sweet tooth

One cannot imagine putting a full stop to the meal without a dessert. So were we, curious to know the traditional dessert that was going to rest our bellies and pour our hearts into sweetness of its own kind. And so arrived the Tako. It was uniquely intermingled with classic pandan: flavoured coconut and rice pudding with just the right amount of sweetness. The dish came in layers; below the jelly there was a mild liquid that was soothing to the taste buds.

Chef talk

The executive chef Subrata Debnath conveyed us the concept of the food and said, “Dragon Boat is a very happening and colourful festival which doesn’t allow people to devote much time to food, so the menu serves quick-bites that are also appetizing enough.” The chef further explained the uniqueness of the menu, “We took all the measures to maintain the authenticity of the food. The chefs incorporated the combination of rice with other ingredients and flavor that added value to the tradition.”




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