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(Exclusive) Kailash Kher: There is hardly anyone who appreciates pure music without tampering with it

Noted playback singer Kailash Kher has been nominated at the 6th Artist Aloud Music Awards. He spoke to Divyani Raghav about popularity of cringe-pop, trend of remixes in Bollywood films and more

Kailash Kher

Kailash Kher

How did you get into music?
Singing is my twin soul; neither of us can live alone. It has always been with me before I could even talk. I used to listen and hum to my father’s voice and get lost in it. The influence of music grew even more on me with time.

How excited are you about your association with the 6th edition of ‘Artist Aloud Music Awards’ by Hungama?
As long as independent music is supported, I will always be excited.

How do you look back at struggling phase of your life? Any lesson to share!
I take it as a lesson from life that has taught me to live better every day. I believe that each moment teaches us to be stronger and survive every day. Life is filled with difficulties but that should not make us take a U-turn or suffer till it (stress) is tagged as ‘depression’. Every individual has their own problems but the onus to turn them into positive energy is on us.

What, according to you, makes a composition soulful?
Songs are the mirror of what is within us and what we gain from nature. There is nothing more beautiful, as a gift to mankind, than a song that heals; so, it depends on what is your contribution to humanity.

What’s your take on big production houses serving remixed version of old songs? Is Bollywood going bankrupt in good music?
There is nothing called music bankruptcy. Music is ever flowing and will never fail to spring out as long as the universe exists. Bollywood, as we know, is at the verge of exploding with new talent and all kinds of movies and plots. In order to distribute it in a way that public wants to see it, they are forced to do it.

What is your take on rising popularity of cringe-pop stars in India?
We are the social media and we are the ones who are giving them attention. So as long as we encourage them, even if as something funny, they will continue because all they want is attention and the public is giving them what they want.

Is marketing playing crucial role in making bad music popular?
It is difficult to say on behalf of this new generation what is good and bad anymore, but what you said holds true – it’s all in the way you market things. There is hardly anyone who appreciates pure and good music without tampering with it. But I have come across people who can still smile and be moved to tears by listening to good music.

What would be your message to the people who never believed in your talent?
Would you stop living if I tell you that you are not fit to breathe? In the same way I would have never stopped singing too. I would, in fact, want to personally thank them if I could, to tell them that the values that kept me going, never left me even if I faced some of the worst circumstances in life.

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